Publications & Reports

Publication date
Evaluation of MSI Reproductive Choices Afghanistan with a focus on the project funded by Sweden. 2023
Practicing Peacebuilding Principles: A Study Of Sweden’s Engagement In Fragile And Conflict-Affected States, Eba 2022
Strengthening Integrated Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR/HIV) and Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) Services in East and Southern Africa. 2022
Evaluation of the International Legal Assistance Consortium (ILAC), Global Core Support 2018-2021 2021
Mid Term Review of the Sida Core support to Women’s International league for Freedom and Peace (WILPF). 2021
Evaluation of MADRE’s Action Plan for Enhancing Gender Rights in Crisis. Evaluation of Sida’s core support to MADRE’s Strategic Plan 2018-2021 2021
Evaluation of the Cultural Protection Fund: Post-war Reconstruction and Rehabilitation in Yemen managed by the Prince Claus Fund for the British Council 2020
Evaluation of the UNDP/DPO/DPPA Project on UN Transitions in Mission Settings 2020
Summary of the Evaluation of the Think Tank Initiative 2019
Final Report of the Evaluation of the Think Tank Initiative 2019
UNDP report Delivering Results Together 2017
Second Interim Report of the Evaluation of the Think Tank Initiative 2017
Evaluation of the UNDP/DPKO-DFS/DPA Project on UN Transitions in Mission Settings 2017
Think Tank Initiative first interim report 2016 2016
UN Peacebuilding Architecture. The first 10 years.
(Contribution to this book publised by Routlledge, 2016 and edited by Cedrid de Coning and Eli Stamnes. Title of the chapter: The Peacebuilding Fund: from uncertainty to promise, pages, 61-76)
Review of Sweden’s support to ONE UN Rwanda 2015
Independent Review of the Peace Building Fund. Report 2014
Mid Term Review of Sida’s assistance to Transparency International Cambodia 2014
Independent Review of the Peace Building Fund 2014
United Nations Evaluation Group Final Report 2013
Channel Research TI-DSP CHASE PPA IPR – Final Report 2013
Evaluation of the Maghreb Regional Training Programme: development of public employment services in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia 2012
Evaluation des effets du programme pays du PNUD. République Démocratique du Congo 2008 – 2012. 2012
Evaluation de la contribution du PNUD aux résultats des activités de développement en République Démocratique du Congo (2003-2011) 2012
Outcome Evaluation UNDP Country programme. Democratic Republic of the Congo 2008 – 2010 2012
Evaluation of Transparency International 2000 – 2010 2011
Final Report African Development Bank: Paris Declaration 2011
Report on International Engagement in Fragile States: Republic of Sierra Leone, OECD Publishing 2011
POLICY BRIEF: Aiding the Peace.Support to Conflict Prevention and Peace Building Activities. Sudan 2005 – 2010 2010
Transforming Indonesia’s Teaching Force. Executive Summary. Volume I 2010
Aiding the Peace: A Multi-donor Evaluation of Support to Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding Activities. Sudan 2005 – 2010. Full Report 2010
Transforming Indonesia’s Teaching Force. Volume II. Full Report 2010
DFID Country Programme Evaluation of Sudan 2010
Mid-Term Evaluation of the Joint Donor Team in Juba, Sudan 2009
Decentralisation Indonesia summary report Bahasa Indonesia 2009
Indonesia’s Doctors, Midwives and Nurses 2009 2009
Decentralisation Indonesia Summary Report 2009 2009
Decentralisation Stocktaking Indonesia 2009 2009
Teacher employment and deployment in Indonesia 2009
Final Report Public Service Division, President’s Office Maldives 2007
Evaluation of DFID Country Programmes Country Study: Indonesia 2007
Innovation in the Regions 2006
Opportunities and Constraints for Civil Service Reform in Indonesia 2006
Stock Taking on Indonesia’s Recent Decentralization Reforms
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