Kluyskens Consulting specializes in evaluations, governance and public sector reform in Africa and Asia. We provide analysis, design, implementation and evaluation of programmes and projects.

  • Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the public sector
  • Strengthening key governance functions
  • Facilitating coordination between donors and recipients
  • Programme and project management, including interim management
  • Evaluations, mid-term reviews, outcome and results evaluations and related methodologies
  • Training assessments and providing training on evaluation
  • Design and introduction of reforms in fragile and post-conflict states

In meeting the above challenges, we can provide analysis and help design reforms through effective interventions and implementation:

  • Helping governments design and implement reforms, including civil service reform, decentralization and anti-corruption. Analysis of sectors and identification of specific intervention methodologies and aid modalities
  • Reviewing organizations: mandate, structure, organization, staffing and personnel management
  • Developing strategies, action plans and road maps for enhancing aid coordination based on international agreements
  • Analysis, design and implementation of projects and programmes, including the provision of change management
  • Evaluations of: (multi) donor(s) support programmes, country and sector interventions
  • Training in M&E, including in fragile contexts
  • Training needs assessments; review and development of training policies, programmes and organisations
  • Study and analysis of specific sector needs, including political economy analysis
  • Conflict analysis
  • Experience in working with governments and donors in fragile and post-conflict states, including evaluation of assistance programmes, aid modalities and trust funds

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